Communicating Climate Risk
Narrative matters when implementing new SEC requirements
April 2024
Are US Companies Ready for Sustainability Regulations?
New EU legislation projected to affect multinationals starting 2024
July 2023
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Universal proxy ballot and greater participation by retail investors could reshape voting in contested elections
November 2021
Is a New Day Dawning at Exxon?
Climate change campaign by activist shareholder elicits Board shakeup
June 2021
Carbon Accounting Gets a Banking Boost
Three banks commit to greater transparency on climate-risk exposure
August 2020
Get Ready for the Executive Pay Backlash
Proxy season preview
July 2020
Stakeholder Communications in a COVID-19 World
Guidance on how to communicate effectively in a virtual environment and prepare for long-term impacts on business
May 2020
Do As You Say: Live the Brand
Putting Company Values into Action During the COVID-19 Crisis
April 2020
Before You Speak: Warming Up
Insights from professional performers
March 2020
Climate Risk Disclosures
Preparing for the coming wave
March 2020
Proxy Disclosure
Does transparency pay off?
December 2014
Proxy Statements Revisited
The proxy as a tool for investor engagement
October 2014
Content and Medium
Meaningful messages in the age of Twitter
September 2014
Hedge Fund Ads on the Super Bowl Blimp
Lessons learned from advertising deregulation
September 2014
Articulate Accounts
The narrative framework in financial communications
August 2014
Fear of Freshness
How to respond to market demand for crisper communications
September 2011
Simplicity for Sophisticates
Making disclosure more readable will be vital in the post-reform era
August 2010
Lost in Transparency
Disclosure is not enough - financial reform must also mandate clarity
June 2010
Blunt Instrument or Power Tool?
PowerPoint can support clear thinking but can't replace it
May 2010
The Virtual Voice
The importance of message in an age of e-media
February 2010
Seeing Clearly
Transparency is no substitute for clarity
December 2008
Evidence of Elegance
Powerful concepts in simple packages
June 2007
Making a Lasting Impression: Live the Brand
Building identity through small, pervasive actions
October 2006
Beyond Numbers and Bullet Points: Tell Your Story
Using narrative to communicate complex information
November 2005
Say As You Do: Credible Communications
Connecting with audiences by matching your message to your actions
June 2005