The clients who work with us, from Fortune 500 institutions to startup ventures, have an overlying need: to shape clear messages and disseminate them effectively. Gargiulo + Partners helps clients shape and deliver clear messages to financial analysts, investors, the media, customers, employees, directors, and regulators.

To do so, we employ a disciplined but flexible communications framework that structures information in a powerfully clear, accessible way. We also advise clients on the best approaches for delivering those messages.

Because our services are as confidential as they are useful and effective, we cannot list clients’ names. However, the following examples convey a sense of our strategies and the breadth of our experience.

In a transaction—be it a merger, acquisition, or divestiture—telling a credible story convincingly can make the difference between success and failure. Credible communications are essential through all phases of a deal: making recommendations to management teams and boards of directors; negotiating with counterparties; and crafting post-transaction announcements to shareholders, analysts, employees, customers, and the public.

Gargiulo + Partners advises on communications strategy and develops materials related to all phases of M&A and divestiture transactions. The following case studies illustrate the breadth of our experience and the effectiveness of our communications approach.

French Beverages CompanyMedia Services CompanyGlobal Food Company

Crystallizing the essence of a business, product, or service requires not only deep understanding of its value proposition but also the rigor to focus on true differentiators. There is a reason why businesses often hire outside counsel for this task. Marketing, branding, and positioning – the art and science of strategic communications professionals – demand a certain discipline and perspective.

Gargiulo + Partners has decades of experience offering clients this perspective, and seeing marketing projects through to satisfying conclusions. We advise on branding, positioning, and marketing at the company and product level, for both new offerings and existing businesses being repositioned. Our experience spans industries, geographies, and the public, private, and not-for-profit arenas.

We conduct efficient but thorough research and analysis – often uncovering unanticipated and strategy-shifting information for our clients – before presenting strategic positioning and messaging recommendations. We name products and services and, in concert with partner design agencies, develop logos and visual-identity standards. With a brand or positioning established, we develop materials ranging from marketing collateral to employee communications and training.

The following case studies illustrate the breadth of our experience and the effectiveness of our process in branding and marketing professional services and products.

Boutique Advisory FirmNot-For-Profit FoundationGlobal Financial Services LeaderGlobal Private Bank

For a company, public or private, in any industry, communicating with investors is critical – and challenging. Investor communications and reporting must strike a careful balance between straightforward presentation of performance and credible explanation of relevant contextual events. The best communications, while explaining the market forces affecting quarterly results, reinforce the company's long-term mission and make a compelling case for delivery on strategic goals, now and in the future.

For nearly two decades, Gargiulo + Partners has been crafting investor communications that get this balance right for public companies and private enterprises and funds. As shown in the following case studies, we have produced and edited investor and analyst communications for both regular reporting requirements and special marketing efforts. We specialize in helping clients articulate their strategic vision, in language that is as clear and uncomplicated as possible.

Global Financial Services LeaderLeading Hedge Fund & Asset ManagerGrowing Engineering Technologies Company

Capital-raising is challenging even in the most favorable market conditions, and communicating effectively – to public or private markets – demands skill and sensitivity. Those seeking public-market funding may need to learn to talk to pure financial investors or might require help delivering an investor-focused, rather than customer-focused, message. In the private markets, communications to prospective investors need to balance proper disclosure and clear explanations of complex strategies with a cogent, compelling, credible story.

Gargiulo + Partners professionals have been helping public and private clients deliver these messages, credibly and effectively, for more than three decades. As demonstrated in the following case studies, our advisory work spans all aspects of capital-raising communications – from message development; to writing and editing of Private Placement Memoranda, public and private prospectuses, and investor presentations; to coaching and rehearsing of general partners and senior management.

Companies Preparing for IPOsLeading Payment-Systems VentureQuantitative Fund Manager

In recent years the proxy statement has emerged as a vehicle for delivering the clear corporate message that shareholders and regulators increasingly demand. Gargiulo + Partners works with public companies to create clear and engaging proxy statements that meet compliance obligations and engender goodwill among the investment community.

Companies Filing Proxy Statements