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Media Services Company

Preparing management team for presentations to potential buyers

The owners and management of this growing media-services company were seeking to sell the business to another industry participant or a private equity firm. Privately held for a quarter-century at the time, the company had never gone before potential buyers, and the management team had a nuanced story to tell in a rapidly evolving media space. While they were skilled at presenting the benefits of the company’s products and services to potential customers, refocusing the story to appeal to prospective buyers was proving challenging.

The company’s chief executive engaged Gargiulo + Partners to help management prepare for its presentations to shortlisted buyers. Working hand-in-hand with the investment bankers hired to advise on the sale, we reshaped the message to focus on sources of value in the business model: the company’s industry-leading position, its difficult-to-replicate assets, and its detailed strategy for capturing growth in the sector – a strategy that was already showing strong results.

We led a total rewrite of the management presentations, including an all-new set of speaker notes, and rehearsed the team extensively. This included both private, one-on-one coaching of individual members of the executive team and large-group run-throughs with the bankers present, including rehearsing a range of Q-and-A topics.

The company received several attractive bids that were higher than the preliminary indications of interest submitted by the prospective buyers.

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