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Growing Engineering Technologies Company

Introducing a high-growth company to new shareholders, repositioning a transformed company

This fast-growing Canadian company with a loyal – but exclusively Canadian – shareholder base had caught the attention of institutional investors and equity analysts outside its home markets. Responding to requests from U.S. and European market participants, the executive team decided to do its first-ever roadshow outside of Canada. On the advice of the company’s banker, the executives decided to engage a communications advisor to ensure the right messages were being delivered to a new, demanding audience. The company hired Gargiulo + Partners for the task.

In five short years, the company had successfully transformed itself from a microcap Canadian company, manufacturing equipment for the pulp and paper industry, into a global corporation providing leading technologies for sectors including ore processing and water treatment. The roadshow, in addition to introducing the company to a new investor base, simultaneously provided an opportunity for the newly appointed president to address the financial community as head of the company.

This mandate drew upon Gargiulo + Partners’ core strengths: redirecting investor communications to ensure the messages reflected the higher-margin, higher-growth business lines into which the company had evolved; and then working with members of the executive team to ensure those messages were communicated clearly, confidently, and convincingly. Specifically, we:

The roadshow was a success. The stock price rose; the shareholder base became more geographically diverse; and equity analysts’ reports and recommendations reflected the company’s new position in higher-growth, higher-margin businesses.

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