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Global Financial Services Leader

Advising on quarterly, annual and special regulatory reports

This leader in commercial, consumer, and investment banking has retained Gargiulo + Partners for over 15 years to provide numerous communications services and to assist in preparing the firm’s quarterly and annual earnings and shareholder reports. From advising senior editors and designers, to developing earnings narratives and editing copy for regulatory filings, we have helped shape the direction and the language of the firm’s official communications.

Through 55 quarters and 16 annual report cycles, Gargiulo + Partners has worked with this global systemically important institution on its earnings releases, 10Q and 10K filings. We have written portions of these documents prior to filing, interpreting and applying the firm’s respective style guides – and frequently reorganizing, clarifying and refining these style guides in the process. We have also authored the front-of-book marketing sections of several annual reports and advised on a total reshaping of the proxy statement.

Gargiulo + Partners has also worked on the firm’s specialized reports to regulatory bodies, advising on cohesive story-line sequencing, information presentation, language, and clarity. These reports present a particular communications challenge, as they must address novel issues under very tight, federally mandated timeframes. We helped the firm structure the documents and present sizable amounts of previously unreported data in as clear a manner as possible.

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