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Companies Preparing for IPOs

Telling the story orally

Gargiulo + Partners provides communications advice to private companies, state-owned entities and business units of corporations preparing to become independently traded companies through initial public stock offerings. In collaboration with executive management, operating executives, and the investment banking underwriters, we help clarify the rationale for investing in a company. We structure roadshow presentations as integrated narratives that emphasize the key messages a company wants to convey to equity investors and financial analysts. Our mission is to facilitate audience comprehension and retention, which we accomplish by following just one paramount guideline: clarity – clear, concise language free of ‘fluff filler’; specific, quickly grasped examples; and relevant, supporting data.

Then we help executive management prepare to tell its story orally, in a manner that inspires confidence and enthusiasm in investors. Often, we write speaker notes or talking points to accompany presentation slides; however, we never allow slides to become the dominant focus of a presentation. We’re rigorous about using plain English explanations instead of industry buzzwords, and using language and phrasing that we adapt to each presenter’s natural conversational style. We also coach executive managers individually and hold group rehearsals with bankers standing in for investors and analysts.

Additionally – because the media interviews that come after an IPO presentation can be every bit as important as the presentation itself – we help CEOs and CFOs prepare to face them comfortably.

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