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French Beverages Company

Positioning a reinvented company following a redefining acquisition

This second-tier beverages company found itself catapulted into a category-leading position after it acquired a large portfolio of premier brands from the industry-leading competitor. For all practical purposes, the transaction had reinvented the company. Gargiulo + Partners joined with a global PR firm to study the optimum positioning and communications for the “new” company.

We analyzed internal and external views of the combined company, interviewing management, employees, media outlets, and numerous external constituencies. The analysis revealed post-acquisition communications challenges, including a significant gap between internal and external images of the company.

We recommended several communications initiatives, each with multiple phases. Our recommendations sought to reinforce the positive expectations of external audiences, while instilling a similar level of confidence in employees. The recommendations included a name change; a new brand positioning that married the entrepreneurial values of the heritage company with the power and strength of the new brands; and a comprehensive corporate communications plan.

Management accepted all of our recommendations and is using the new positioning statement to guide external and internal communications.

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